What is Topokki?

Topokki also known as Tteokbokki. It is the most famous korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake, vegetables, along with sauce or sweet red chilli sauce; gochujang.

Types of Topokki?

Topokki is usually offered in two different types: Royal Topokki, flavoured with soy sauce and Gochujang Topokki, flavoured with gochujang for its spicy flavour. As Topokki has become more popular, it has evolved into different dishes using different ingredients and since adopted differing names.

What is in MyeongDong Topokki sauce?

MDT sauce consist of 8 ingredients, only to be tested to find out how addictive it is.

Nutrition of Topokki?

Rice cake bars, it exhibits abundant levels of carbohydrates (70-80%) and protein (6-9%), but is relatively low in fat. Nutrients of the sauce used such as soy sauce, bean paste and gochujang are deemed to be healthy fermented and are high in nutrients.

What is the best way to eat Topokki?

Dip or mix it with our delicious Twigim(fried snacks): Kimali, Tempura Squid, Chicken Mandu and Hangul Chicken for incredible experience.

What other bestsellers does MyeongDong Topokki offer?

Besides our famous Topokki, we also serve other bestsellers: Bulgogi Beef/Chicken Rice, Hangul Chicken Ramyun, Kimchi jjigae.